Hi, I'm Perry .

Perry blue resume

I am passionate Ruby on Rails Developer who really enjoys delivering well crafted code using eXtreme Programming development practices and Scrum for project organization.

Who says TDD isn't fast?

I particularly enjoy Test Driven Development especially with ruby. Mentoring developers on how to TDD is fulfilling in that I am proactively reducing the amount of unmaintainable code in the world.
I get things done...the right way. I mercilessly refactor code, but this doesn't slow things down. It speeds them up! My teams have delivered over 30 applications on time, on budget, and feature complete.
I thrive on small teams because I love being involved in all areas of development. It's great to deliver ground-breaking products with teams that continiously improve.

Hide the carrot juice!

I love spending time with my family and introducing my children to hobbies that I missed out on when I was a kid.
I'm kind of an exercise freak in that I run, cycle, and do resistance training almost every day. Sometimes, this leads to me competing in crazy events .
In summary, I'm not going to eat all of your cheetos or drink all of your beer, but you may want to hide the juicer.


I am developing Ember.js client apps with Rails 4.2 RESTful services.
I'm available for some remote part-time work.

Recent Projects

In the last few years, I have been the lead developer on g5search.com , seasonalbids.com , pod-cme.com , and nailyourmortgage.com .
Earlier, there is a 9 year "undercover" period in my professional career where I created the most amazing products with brilliant people at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command and then Sandia National Labs . Unfortunately, I can't elaborate on what I did specifically or I would have to ...