I am a Ruby on Rails and iOS Developer with over 13 years experience delivering highly performant well crafted software in a wide variety of software systems including embedded, real-time, distributed, desktop, and web applications using agile best practices. I have delivered over 30 applications on time, on budget, and feature complete
The last 7 years I have been TDDing Ruby/Rails applications.



Team Lead, Remote Independent Consultant, 2014 - Present
G5 provides custom marketing web sites for self-storage and senior-living companies
Hands-on team lead on a SOA-based vendor integration system consisting of 3 services and 4 Ember.js applications.

Fidelity Life Association (FLA)

Team Lead, Remote Independent Consultant, 2011 - 2014]
FLA is transitioning to a product company.
Lead a large team on a major SOA effort for a new product involving 13 Padrino services, 4 Rails 3.2 applications, 10 custom gems, MongoDB, Postgres, RabbitMQ, and Backbone.js.

Pathfinder Software

CTO, Chicago, IL (telecommute), [September.2009 - May.2011]
Pathfinder is a consulting firm that specializes in delivering MVP for startup companies. While serving as CTO I also participated as Lead Developer on several projects.


DataColor Colorspot (iOS 4) - Lead Developer
Colorspot is an iPhone application used by interior designers to capture color swatches and then visualize the swatch on surfaces, compare it to another swatch, view color harmony, lookup similar colors, and share the swatch. (Rails 3) - Lead Developer
SeasonalBids provides property managers (PMs) a place to author and public request for bids (RFBs). Contractors can then search for RFBs in their area and bid on them up until the deadline date, which is set by the property manager. PMs can then award contracts to the winning contractors. (Rails 3) - Lead Developer
pod-cme is used by physicians to participate in clinical studies and obtain CME credits. Administrators of the site can build clinical area questionnaires and provide education material in documents, podcasts, or videos. (Rails 2.3) - Senior Developer
nailyourmortgage provides wholesale mortgages to home buyers and refinancers.

Redpoint Technologies

Technical Software Architect, Chicago, IL (telecommute), [September.2007 - September.2009]
Redpoint is a software consulting firm. In addition to leading project, I also served as Redpoint's only Technical Software Architect, which involved evaluating technologies and products, mentoring developers, and conference speaking.

Projects (groovy) - System Administrator
BriteTab is a rich content online resume builder. Videos and images can be embedded in a traditional resume.
global time and expense (ASP.NET) - Lead Developer
The global time and expense application is used in over 50 countries by over 300,000 users.

Consultant for Los Alamos and Sandia National Labs

Software Architect, Albuquerque, NM, [May.2001 - September.2007]
I designed and developed multiple systems used to identify, locate, and sometimes eliminate national security threats. These applications had 100% code coverage before testing was cool!


Software Engineer, San Diego, CA, [December.1997 - May.2001]
I designed and developed multiple distributed communication systems used by the Department of Defense.


University of Wisconsin - Madison

B.S. with double major in Computer Science and Mathematics



Ruby, Java, C#, Objective-C, C++


Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, JQuery, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, MySQL


Real TDD with RSpec


RubyMotion, Heroku, EC2, S3, RDS, RabbitMQ, Cloudfront, Passenger, Git, OSX, Linux


Rapid application development, load testing, profiling, instrumentation, code optimization, database optimization